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Gardasil Injury and side effects stories - danger of gardasil hpv vaccine

Gardasil (and Cervarix and Silgard) are vaccinations marketed as a way to help prevent cervical cancer.  We are told that Gardasil is saving girls all over the world from cervical cancer. We are also now being told that Gardasil will also prevent genital warts in males.

What we are not being told is that all across the globe, young women are having horrific side effects to Gardasil.  Just a very few of the reactions include: limb pain, paralysis, chronic fatigue, heart complications, dizziness, anxiety, hair loss, hallucinations, insomnia, cardiac issues, auto-immune diseases, migraines, loss of vision, back aches, sensitivity to light, ceasing of menstruction and even death.

These once young, vibrant, healthy women now suffer silently in pain, as there is no known medical treatment to help them.  They are the silent victims which the medical industry rarely acknowledge.  In cases where Dr's have admitted the connection, they still have no way to help them.

If you are considering the Gardasil (or other HPV vaccines) for your daughter, son or even yourself, please read the stories of the women on our site.  We ask you to please take the time to research, read, learn and then listen to your own heart when making a decision about Gardasil.  You can never 'unvaccinate'...

Please, read the personal accounts on this site with an open mind, and an open heart.



Our story began in late May of 2007. I took Nina to the pediatrician for her 12-year-old checkup. During the visit the doctor recommended that I have her receive the first dose of Gardasil. I immediately told him that I was not well informed about this new vaccine. He reassured me that it was fine and better to get it while she was young. I trusted my doctor.

As we left the office, a strange feeling come over me. I started to question my decision to allow the doctor to administer a vaccine that was new to the industry. My daughter was 12 years old. What was the rush to protect her against a sexually transmitted disease?  Maybe it was mother’s intuition, but I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. Read more

Gardasil side effect story - Nina Pugliese United States



Extracts from our girls stories

"She could hardly breathe..she had no reflexes and could not stand on her own, much less walk. Shania said her arms and legs 'felt dead.'" - Shania Eliassen - 12 (Mandurah, WA)

"Naomi’s health mysteriously began to deteriorate into a myriad of inexplicable symptoms including dizziness, nausea, joint pain, a collapsing knee, loss of balance, chronic fatigue and weakness" - Noami Snell - 25 (Melbourne, VIC)

"She had severe abdominal and joint pain, sore throat, headache, vomiting, was incapacitated, continually bedridden and unable to attend to bathing or eating for 2 weeks. She also suffered from hallucinations, missed a menstrual period and lost 6 kilograms in weight during this illness" - Joelle - 16 (Australia)

“She still has respiratory issues, leg tremors, tachachardia type issues, minor seizures. She remains in hospital, she walks maybe 150 metres a day and that exhausts her and we remain hopeful that over time she will get better” - Chescia Kimberley Tunley - 17 (Sydney, NSW)

“Her symptoms included hair loss, chronic sinus infections, migraines, weight gain, dizziness and brain fog (complaints of dyslexia) and severe PMS symptoms. My previously healthy 19-year old was continuously ill with migraines, sinus infections, and menstrual changes - she was starting menopause at age 19!” - Bridget Boyce - 17 (North Carolina)

"Rachel was a very healthy young girl, aged 14, and full of life.  Rachel has had upwards of 150 seizures following her third Gardasil shot. She has several symptoms including numbness and tingling in her fingers and toes, fatigue and has a really hard time falling asleep.  She also suffers from UTI’s, ovarian cysts, she is moody and has trouble getting out of bed and she has seizures" - Rachel Long - 14 (Wisconsin)

"I see my lovely daughter who was once such an active girl now falling apart – and is not the same lovely, young girl she was prior to being vaccinated.  My girl is starting to lose the meaning of life" - Karina Frederiksen - 24 (Copenhagen, Denmark)

“I had pain and cramps in my stomach every day...I could not eat anything for a period of 3-4 months. The nausea, headaches and bloating were still with me, and I was starting to feel much worse.  I could not sleep. Most nights I fell asleep between 3 and 4 o’clock in the morning, and I began to feel frightened and very anxious...where it felt like I was paralyzed and could not move" - Helena Overgaard Andersen - 15 (Helsingør, Denmark)

 "As time went on more and more strange behavior, very unlike Alexis, started. She was getting in trouble at school and was unable to concentrate or retain anything she learned. I was taking her to every kind of doctor I could think of, but every test came back normal. Things progressively got worse. At this point her personality had changed 100%. She would go through fits of rage and she would scream at me and call me names and tell me how much she hated our family and me." - Alexis Wolf - 14 (New Mexico, US)

"Since then, Savanna’s list of symptoms has expanded to include vision problems, twitching, numbness, memory loss, trouble concentrating, confusion, brain fog (can’t find the right words), trouble breathing, sleep paralysis (can’t move upon first waking), hair loss, etc…" - Savanna Simmons - 12 (Ohio, United States)

"I felt unwell most of the time and I would start to cry every time I joined my class mates at school.  Eventually I stayed home for a week to try and feel better. I suddenly got totally constipated and my stomach became so swollen, like that of a pregnant woman, and I felt awful and cried for days because of the unbearable pain" - Mia Hahn Zeerow (Nustrup, Denmark)

"Have ever had to try to wake up your child that is a shadow of their former self, trapped in their own body.  They can hear you, but cannot open their eyes, let alone lift their head from the pillow.  Have you ever watched your child’s lips move in response to you asking them a question but no sound comes out because they do not have the energy to even form a whisper?  Have you ever arrived home hours later and have your child repeat back everything that you said to them that morning, proving beyond a doubt that opening their eyes, responding and getting out of bed are a physical impossibility? Have you ever seen a grey pallor take over your child’s skin, making them look waxen and worn down? Have you ever looked into your child’s eyes and seen nothing there? Eyes that are completely devoid of life?  Eyes that appear to be black and dead?" - Deborah Halliday - 13 (Inverness, Scotland)

Facts & Figures
From our victims stories...
* 76% of victims started noticing side effects after their 2nd shot

* 68% of victims, when looking back, realise that side effects actually started after their 1st vaccine, but they attributed it to other illnesses (such as flu, virus etc)

* 77% of victims now live with chronic fatigue and exhaustion

* 52% of victims report living with vertigo and having dizzy spells

* 56% of victims have now neurological disorders

* 58% of victims now live with mental health issues

* 55% of victims reported visual disturbances or loss of vision

* 41% of victims have heart conditions

* 47% of victims suffer from seizures, tremors and/or twitching

* 10% of victims reported loss of hearing and hearing disturbances

* 21% of victims suffered hair loss

* 6% of victims no longer menstruate, which leaves them unable to have children

* 47% of girls have now been diagnosed with a lifelong immunity disorder

* 35% of victims are on long term medication as a result of the vaccine

* 65% of victims now live with migraines and chronic headaches

* 51% of victims have had multiple emergency hospital admissions

* 100% of these victims wish they never had the HPV vaccine

These facts and figures have been calculated from the stories on our site. Not all stories have all side effects listed, so the statistics could be much higher



MyGardasilStory is a website designed to bring to light the devastating injuries and side effects believed to be caused by Gardasil and Cervarix - the HPV vaccinations. Should you have a vaccination injury story, please consider submitting it to us, so we can share it with others who are searching for answers

All information and material contained, presented, or provided on is not to be construed as, or intended to given, as medical advice.  Decisions you make about your family's health are important, and you should always make an informed decision.  Any views expressed on this site are not necessarily those held by MyGardasilStory
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