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Gardasil Injury Story

"Have ever had to try to wake up your child that is a shadow of their former self, trapped in their own body.  They can hear you, but cannot open their eyes, let alone lift their head from the pillow.  Have you ever watched your child’s lips move in response to you asking them a question but no sound comes out because they do not have the energy to even form a whisper?  Have you ever arrived home hours later and have your child repeat back everything that you said to them that morning, proving beyond a doubt that opening their eyes, responding and getting out of bed are a physical impossibility? Have you ever seen a grey pallor take over your child’s skin, making them look waxen and worn down? Have you ever looked into your child’s eyes and seen nothing there? Eyes that are completely devoid of life?  Eyes that appear to be black and dead?"

HPV Cervarix side effect story Scotland - Deborah Halliday

Deborah Halliday - 13 (Inverness, Scotland)

By Sherrell Halliday, Deborah's Mother

My perfectly healthy, academically bright, fun loving, sporty, active 13 year old daughter, Deborah, who enjoyed doing typical teenage things had the HPV vaccination, Cervarix, the 1st dose in September and the 2nd dose in November 2010.  She did not follow up with the 3rd vaccine.  Why?

Like every parent I wanted to protect my daughter from Cervical Cancer.  I read the leaflet, looked up the NHS website and spoke to the school nurse and her superior.  It’s safe.  But was it?

Now 1 year on I look back at my daughter’s life of pain, suffering, misery, doctor, A&E, hospital, rheumatologist, podiatrist, physiotherapist and hydrotherapy appointments.  The sleepless nights, the worry and my guilt!  Because, yes, I do feel guilty, that I did not do more research before I agreed to let my very precious daughter have the HPV vaccine.

More than 1 year of our lives wasted.   I am questioning the safety of this vaccine.  How safe is it?  Every parent should question the validity of this vaccine and its safety record.

One by one her activities stopped:  Judo, Roller Bowl, Cycling, Badminton, Basketball, Guitar, Piano and PE, to name but a few.  Stiffer and stiffer she got.  Unable to rake leaves in the garden or hoover the sitting room floor or open a bottle of water! Unable to go walks on the beach or in the woods with our two dogs.  Her enjoyment of life RUINED, taken from her.

Panicked by the realisation that I thought she had some type of paralysis, I had started taking her swimming every day before going to school.  A girl who was once agile, and had been able to swim 64 lengths reduced to 2 lengths using a float.  Day by day we attended the swimming pool building up the lengths.  Until one day out of the blue, at school, she collapsed.  She’d abdominal pain.  Rushed by ambulance to hospital she underwent an emergency operation for the removal of her appendix.  She had acute suppurative transmural appendicitis with peritonitis.  This was followed by 2 infections.  She missed 10 weeks of school.  Whether the appendix was associated with this I do not know for sure but I do wonder as it nags at the back of my mind.

Despite the removal of the appendix, she was becoming sicker.

She walked with aid of a walking stick and could hardly put one foot in front of the other.  We got special insoles for her shoes to absorb the shock, similar to what the Police wear.  We bought a memory foam bed to help comfort the aching joints. She had to wear dark glasses because of light sensitivity.  This is so NOT COOL for a little girl of 14.

Then we watched a video by Grace Filby about mineral water. It seemed at first unbelievable that perhaps a simple mineral water could help.  But I was desperate for a remedy.

Why mineral water?  Well it is rich in silica and silica is antidote to aluminium poisoning.  Aluminium being a neurotoxin contained within the HPV Vaccine.  I had to try it. 28 weeks ago my daughter started drinking 1.5 ltrs of a specific mineral water each day.

28 weeks ago we were in the depths of despair.  But gradually we saw improvements.  After 3 weeks of just little things like small movements, I could feel hope coming back into my life. I started researching foods that contained silica.  It was in everyday things like potatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumbers, porridge, cereal, strawberries.  The improvement continued.  I worked hard – mineral water, foods, exercises, swimming, tiny walks, kept her motivated when things were bad, and she was determined to keep up with her school work.

Now she’s back in school with all teachers recently reporting how well she had done after missing 10 weeks of school.  She’s not fully recovered.  She can’t do PE.  But she can play the piano again and she swims a lot.  But we are not out of the woods yet.  We still have a lot of problems, obstacles to overcome like the fatigue, but I have faith.  We take each day as it comes.

So parents – after reading our story would you call this long list of illnesses a co-incidence?

Or would you question it as possibly a very severe adverse reaction to the HPV?

Please think very carefully, think twice, research from independent sources and ensure that when you make this huge decision, that it is the right one for your child.

Sherrell and Deborah Halliday - Cervaix HPV vaccine damage - Scotland

In the meantime I’m trying to create awareness of the devastating impact that a vaccine can have when it goes wrong. I’ve written to various MSP’s with my concerns and asked them very serious questions. I would urge parents with any concerns to do the same.  I have also written to the First Minister, Mr Alex Salmond who has kindly replied and indicated that I shall receive shortly a reply from the Minister for Public Health, Mr Michael Matheson.

I have to say a special thank you to Dr P Coulter from Lodgehill Clinc in Nairn.  This GP has given us an outstanding service and has supported as consistently throughout this ordeal and done every test in the book to find a solution to her current unexplained symptoms.  His support is greatly appreciated.

If parents are looking for support, contact Freda Birrell via email at  She too has been of tremendous help – just when I thought it was only me – she put me in touch with other parents with this unfortunate and horrible life changing experience.

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