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Gardasil Story - Another life lost

"Freek was an ordinary boy, like thousands of others his age. He played with his friends, went to school, played football and performed all kinds of activities boys his age do. He was a normal boy, part of a family; he had a father, mother and brother"

HPV Vaccine Injury Storey - Gadasil death - Freek Hagoort The Netherlands

Freek Hagoort - 8 (The Netherlands)

Freek Hagoort.  Died 9th March, 2009 - 8 years

Following are excerpts from an article written by Anneke Bleeker. Read the full text here.

Family of criminal decides whether he should be punished? Is this possible in our country, in the time we live in; or, is it a sign of the time in which we live? A criminal who has a lot to answer for, is not judged by independent judges, but by his own family!

The verdict is clear: you don’t hand over your own family to a possible prison term, even when the offense warrants exactly that. Who would believe this scenario could happen?

Unfortunately, it appears that is just what is happening. Freek was an ordinary boy, like thousands of others his age. He played with his friends, went to school, played football and performed all kinds of activities boys his age do. He was a normal boy, part of a family; he had a father, mother and brother. Freek Hagoort did not become ‘special’ until after his death.

Freek Hagoort died just before his ninth birthday, only three days after he received his MMR and DTP vaccines. He died on 9 March 2009. This is reported in various ways, through newspapers, books, radio and television shows, and lectures. Only after his death is his name known. He is now a ‘special child.’ Freek is a special boy who died as the result of vaccination, recognized by everyone except the Government!

It seems government health officials feel the information should not be brought forth, not under any circumstances! If indeed, should information appear in the newspapers that Freek’s demise was a result of the national vaccination program, the wider implications are known. The vaccination program would be staggering even more than it already is.

You see, Freek died at the same time questions were being raised about the HPV vaccination ‘feast.’ He died at a particularly poor moment, just because of the media frenzy over whether vaccines are reliable, or not. Do they have added value; or are they downright dangerous? Those issues were in focus at that moment, so, the fact that a boy died because of vaccinations that have already been given for decades could not come to light. His death could not have happened at a more inconvenient moment.

When Freek’s parents contacted the general practitioner because the boy had become so very ill, they admitted that this reaction could be a result of the vaccinations, which were given the Thursday before. They were told this type of reaction had been confirmed a couple of times, and one needed not to worry, he would get well.

Following his death, upon contacting RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the pathologist received a clear message that this death had nothing to do with vaccination, so he didn’t have to do an investigation into it. Out of the question!

The parents were treated like capital offenders, who had abused their own child and that was it!

So, at first, according the the GP, Freek’s being so ill could be related to the vaccinations. Death was not considered at the moment. Then, after his death this relationship was out of the question according to RIVM!

The National Vaccine Program for every new-world citizen is launched even before they are born, when the pregnant mother is advised to get the pertussis and flu vaccines. Day one, the HepB vaccine is waiting for the newborn. If parents object, or question–they are told loud and clear that they are being irresponsible.

Who is irresponsible? The Government that wants the population filled up with vaccines, without properly knowing what all it brings about; OR, the parents who want to know all of the facts before vaccination?

(NOTE: The SaneVax team has been informed that the Dutch Institute for Health (RIVM) did the original autopsy and concluded the vaccines had nothing to do with Freek’s death. The parents wanted an independent autopsy conducted, but to this day, the Dutch authorities refuse to provide the necessary tissue samples. Our question is this, “If the vaccines were not related to this young boy’s death, why are the authorities refusing to provide samples for independent appraisal?”

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