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Wednesday, February 25 2015

We've added two new articles of interest today. Thank you to everyone who continues to share these articles with us

Media Bows to Merck: Investigation into Gardasil Dangers Retracted

"Comparisons of HPV to measles may not be logical; however the Gardasil vaccine does have a shockingly under-reported danger that is doing more damage than the measles outbreak ever could."

"In the Gardasil insert produced by Merck Pharmaceuticals it states that the vaccine has not been tested for carcinogenicity, and there is no evidentiary reason for Gardasil to be used to combat HPV or as a preventative for reproductive cancers."

Check the facts before buying into HPV vaccines

“There is a rather large percentage of autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders, paralysis, blindness, breathing problems, heart problems, brain inflammation,” she says. “This is taken from the VAERS Report. There have been 216 deaths reported after the administration of Gardasil or Cervarix.”

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The doctors themselves don't want to be vaccinated. According to a recent survey of the Aerzte-Zeitung (Medical Journal) summer 2009, the physicians give as the reasons (literally): "It is obvious that the vaccination does not provide any protection either". "I, as far as I am concerned personally, I don't think that I will be infected". "Influenza is not a severe illness". "I am afraid of the harmful side effects of the vaccination". More and more Patients start a confrontation against the vaccination doctatorship:
Posted by Oliver Scherf on 11/05/2015 - 05:26 AM

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