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Gardasil side effects and facts - as reported by sufferers on our site

Gardasil HPV vaccine side effects as reported to injury victims



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Here is the list of side effects described by the Gardasil vaccine victims on our site. Please bare in mind that many of the stories don't list their individual side effects, rather just an overall picture of their health. So this list certainly is not an exhaustive list of the potential side effects of the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Anaemia, Asthma, Aversion to light, Sensitivity to light, Back pain, Loss of balance, Co-ordination issues, Blacking out, Syncope, Bleeding easier, Bruising easier, Bloating, Blood in urine, Body rash, Face rash , Boils, Gastrointestinal changes, Bowel changes, Urination changes, Burning sensation in limbs, Cervical painm, Ovary pain, Uterus pain, Changes in cervix, Chest pain, Shoulder pain, Chills, Chronic fatigue, Exhaustion, Unable to stand, Neurological damage, Concentration issues, Brain fog, Confusion, Congestion, Dehydration, Constant thirst, Coughing, Damage to reproductive system, Death, Diagnosed with another illness, Dysrhythmia, Dizziness, Light-headedness, Feeling faint, POTS, ADEM, MS, OASD, PCOS, Stills disease, Lyme disease, Cephalalgia, Pancreatis, Lupus, Electric shock feelings, Fainting, Collapsing, Fever and chills alternating, Fever/high temperature, Pneumonia, Flu-like symptoms, Forgetfulness, Memory loss, General muscle weakness, Shakiness, All over body pain, Aching body, Generally unwell, Gluten allergy, Dairy allergy, Hair loss, Hallucinations, Hearing disturbances, Audio sensitivity, Loss of hearing, Heart palpitations, Racing heart, Irregular heart beat, Hospital admission, Emergency hospital admission, Hot flushes, Incapacitated/bed ridden, Irregular menstrual , , cycle, Changes in menstruation, Itching skin, Swelling skin, Changes in skin appearance, Aching joints, Swollen joints, Stiff joints, Joint pain, Limb change of colour, Aching limbs, Cramping limbs, Loss of reflexes, 'Dead' limbs, Reaction with medication, Now medicated, Mental health issues, Changes in personality, Depression, Anxiety, Mouth dryness, Mouth ulcers, Muscle cramps, Muscle pain, Stiff muscles, Weakening of muscles, Aching muscles, Nausea, Damaged immune system, Nosebleeds, Pancreatic pain, Paralysis, Pelvic cramping, Groin cramping, Extreme period pain, Pins & needles, Numbness in limbs, Tingling sensation, Respiratory issues, Shortness of breath, Difficulty in breathing, Seizures, Tremors, Twitching, Sensory issues, Clumsiness, Sensitive to touch, Nerve damage, Severe headaches, Migraines , Sleeplessness, Unable to fall asleep, Aching arm, Burning arm, Sore throat, Stiff neck, Stomach ache, Stomach pain, Abdominal pain, Sweating, Night sweats, Swelling of limbs, Swollen lymph nodes, Swollen glands, Toothache, Loss of appetite, Inability to eat, Physically cannot eat, Unable to talk properly, Speech impairment, Loss of speech, Unable to walk, Unable to walk steadily, Unable to write, Uncomfortable in skin, 'Crawling' skin, Visual disturbance, Loss of vision, Double vision, Vomiting, Weight , gain, Weight loss, Pressure in head, Pressure behind eyes, Lactating, Menstruation ceasing, Onset of menopause, Ulcers in stomach, Ulcers in intestines, Urinary tract infection, Lumps or cysts, Panic attacks, Earache, Circulation issues, Coldness in limbs, Kidney damage, Intestinal damage, Foaming of the mouth

God has provided us with everything we need to stay healthy and well.  God's medicine is natural, from the earth he gave us. Gardasil is not natural, it is not from God, it does not keep us healthy...

"The Lord has created medicines out of the earth and a sensible man will not refuse them" Sirach 38:4


MyGardasilStory is a website designed to bring to light the devastating injuries and side effects believed to be caused by Gardasil and Cervarix - the HPV vaccinations. Should you have a vaccination injury story, please consider submitting it to us, so we can share it with others who are searching for answers

All information and material contained, presented, or provided on is not to be construed as, or intended to given, as medical advice.  Decisions you make about your family's health are important, and you should always make an informed decision.  Any views expressed on this site are not necessarily those held by MyGardasilStory
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