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Gardasil Injury Story

"Two days later I woke up with numbness in my body.  One week later I developed other symptoms, dry eyes, fatigue, was very thirsty, sore throat and hair loss"

HPV Vaccine Injury Storiey - Natasja Brix Larsen - (Ringsted, Denmark)

Juliana - 30 (Brazil)

I am 30 years old and on the advice of three gynaecologists who told me that I should be vaccinated with Gardasil before considering pregnancy, I agreed and had my first and only shot in August 2010.  Two days later I woke up with numbness in my body.  I made an appointment to see a neurologist who carried out many tests on me.  These tests all came back negative and I was advised just to go home and get on with my life.

One week later I developed other symptoms, dry eyes, fatigue, was very thirsty, sore throat and hair loss.  I made an appointment with an optician who gave me drops.  I also saw an endocrinologist but both this doctor and the optician had no idea why this was happening to me.

I did find help from a friend who advised me to detox and I went to a Naturopath for best advice and I detoxed for two months and I did become better.

Sadly, I stopped detoxing and all my problems just came back again.  I am very afraid at what is happening to me but will go back on to my special diet in the hope that things will improve greatly for me again.

To let you understand I was a very healthy person prior to vaccination with Gardasil, I never had any serious diseases or had any surgery or take many medicines.  I only had the flu on occasions throughout my life.   I played volleyball and went to the gym and I have never drank alcohol.  The sad thing is the webs in Brazil all say very good things about this vaccine and it is only after you have become ill after vaccination that I found many other victims around the world who have also been harmed, just like me.

That to me is very wrong that the manufacturers know that bad things are happening and yet appear to be ignoring our cries for help.

I have gone back to all the specialists who tried to help me but who really cannot do very much for me but have found a homeopathic clinician who has said that she believes she can do something for me so I will go down this road meantime in the hope that things will improve for me.

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