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Gardasil Injury Story

"Samantha’s symptoms after having the vaccinations are paralysis, fainting, slurred speech, loss of feeling in her legs, menstrual cycle changes, blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision in one eye and fatigue that she can hardly move.  She has aching muscles and has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in both feet. She has brain fog and from once being the brightest kids, she now has great difficulty in remembering things, in concentrating for any length of time and is not the young academic she once was before Gardasil"

HPV Vaccine Injury Stories - Samantha Hendrix

Samantha Hendrix - 14 (United States)

Our lives have been turned upside down after Gardasil.  My daughter had a 3.8 GPA without even trying and she has failed all her classes since having this vaccination. Prior to having the Gardasil shots my daughter had serious health problems and had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes; allergies to pollen, tree, smoke, grass, tobacco, fragrance and dust and dust mites.  She also suffers from Blounts disease and at the age of 12 was diagnosed as having Poly Cystic Ovary syndrome and was put on birth control pills to stop the excessive bleeding.  This is no longer a problem as my daughter has not had a menstrual cycle since receiving her first shot in November 2007 – early menopause perhaps.

My daughter’s health has been in serious decline since she received her Gardasil injections at the age of 14.  Within hours she was vomiting, feverish with a terrible headache.  She could not get out of bed for almost 3 weeks.  I called the doctor regarding her illness and she said she must have received a bad flu shot.  She was vaccinated with Gardasil at the same time as the flu vaccine.  She now passes out with any exertion; a simple walk will put her out.  She suffers from weakness in her both legs.  Soon after the second shot she was crying because her feet were hurting and she was diagnosed later with peripheral neuropathy – right foot on 4/09/08 and left foot on 5/22/08.  She could barely walk and was put in 2 com casts to keep her feet from hurting.

Samantha also is experiencing more then 4 migraines a month now.  She did have continual migraines for almost 3 weeks before they started to taper off.  She faints and loses the ability to use her legs. This has happened many times then it’s followed by a 3 day migraine.  I attribute these bizarre symptoms and her illness to the Gardasil vaccine. This is a human experiment on our daughters and they have been injured.  Everyday when I wake up I am afraid that my daughter will be dead.  I don’t want any other mother to go through what the Gardasil mothers are going through.  She has been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has been put on a CPAP, diabetes2, degenerative disc disease and loss of peripheral vision in her left eye and peripheral neuropathy in both feet.  She is still not any better 2 years later.

Samantha’s symptoms after having the vaccinations are many from paralysis in arm which fortunately was temporary, to fainting once or twice weekly since third vaccination, with slurred speech and loss of feeling in her legs.  Menstrual cycle changes, blurred vision, loss of peripheral vision in one eye and fatigue that is so bad she can hardly move.  To compound all of this, she has aching muscles and is in a lot of pain daily and has been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in both feet.  In addition, she has brain fog and from once being the brightest kid on the block, a walking encyclopaedia she has often been called, she has great difficulty in remembering things, in concentrating for any length  of time and is not the young academic she once was before Gardasil.  Something has damaged my daughter and her school records would confirm her scholastic skills before being vaccinated.

Samantha’s last ER visit was on August 25, 2009.  She had lower leg paralysis for more then 3 hours.  This has been an unrelenting symptom since her last vaccine.  I could not tell you how many times we have been to the ER.  It would make you sick.  I did take her to her paediatrician, Dr. Kathleen Santi, Halifax Family Health, I wanted her to see the paralysis in her legs.  She refused to see her.  She told me to take her to the emergency room.   I could not believe that she would not even look at her.  Samantha has been her patient since 2003.  I was very offended by this.   Gardasil did this to my daughter and how many kids have to be injured or killed by this vaccine before some action is taken?

The Gardasil vaccine was not studied for administration with the flu vaccine.  However my daughter received both on the same day.  Samantha as you can see had a medical history of serious illnesses before being vaccinated and now her conditions have increased and she is left with very little quality of life.  She was sick before now she is seriously sick following the vaccinations.  It could be said that the two vaccines together were too much for her system but other moms’ children have suffered severe illnesses, including seizures and only receiving Gardasil.

The point I am making, Samantha with her medical history should never have been vaccinated with Gardasil.  Perhaps you could take the time to find out if Merck ever carried out any trials with Gardasil on impaired immune responses.  I know that in the case of the sister vaccine, Cervarix, no such research was carried out by GlaxoSmithKline on this important area and young people are becoming ill in the UK as well.  Samantha had many medical complaints prior to vaccination, now she is an invalid, in great pain and lives in fear, as do we all, that she will become paralysed.  This is as a result of her being vaccinated and there has been a certain amount of neglect in this case, as there has been in many of the other cases.  All we ask as moms, please someone listen and do something about this before any more young people are harmed by this terrible vaccine.
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